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Business Bulk SMS Solution

Business Bulk SMS Communication can help you expand your business in a fast, effective and efficient method. Our SMS solution allows you to communicate with a single or multiple mobile users easily.

- People read their SMS's. You automatically bypass their sales resistance and get your message read. And the more people read your message the more your business grows.
- Pack out quiet days at a moment's notice. Fill last minute cancellations and get your cash register ringing. If certain days are slow, send out a SMS. Let customers know you've got a special. Everyone likes a better deal and they'll love you for telling them about it.
- If you run a club and hold meetings, don't waste precious time calling. Send out a SMS. It saves time and costly calls to mobiles. And because curiosity can't keep them away from the sound of a new message waiting for them, it'll get read.
- If you run an appointment based business, sms messaging is a fast and efficient means of reminding people of their visit. You will eliminate no shows and keep the waiting room full

We provide 3 options to send SMS (All 3 options are free of charge):
1. One Way SMS Web SMS System
2. Your own application (Integration via Application Programming Interface - API)
3. Email To SMS

Web SMS System

Full feature system accessible from any web-enabled computer (only require web browser and internet connection).

Web SMS Key Feature
- Phonebook Management (Contacts / Groups)
- Import Contacts list from file
- Personalized Recipients Name in SMS
- User Define SMS Template
- Multiple Users (Main Account / Sub User Account)
- Support Multi Language (Normal text or Unicode e.g. Chinese/Japanese Character)
- SMS Scheduling
- Online Delivery Report
- Order / Purchase History

To live test web system, kindly Sign Up for a trial

Application Programming Interface (API)

If you intend to send sms directly from your own system / application, you may perform integration by following our API

API Key Feature
- Easy to understand API
- Simple integrate via HTTP protocol
- Sample coding provided (.NET, Java, PHP, VB6)

To test via API, kindly Sign Up for a trial and retrieve the API Username & API Password from web system

Email To SMS

Send SMS from your existing email system. We will convert your emails into SMS

Email Key Feature
- Easy setup
- Use your existing email system without having to sign up for a new account

To test Email to SMS kindly Sign Up for a trial

Why use One Way SMS?
Effective (reach your target market)
Easy to use (no software required)
Fast & Reliable
Environmental Friendly Approach to communicate
Money Back Guarantee
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